Spilanthes oleracea - Toothache plant (seed)


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These plants have an interesting chemistry, containing flavenoids, sterols, sesquiterpene lactones and amides, notably spilanthol, which has anaesthetic effects. Chewing one leaf is enough to numb the mouth and cause a tingling sensation on the tongue. The flowers are the most numbing part of the plant. Spilanthol is also a potent insecticide, able to kill mosquito larvae at a concentration of 1/100,000.

S. oleacea differs from S. acmella by having a red/yellow coloured flower and darker leaves. From the Asteraceae family, native to South America.

Care and Cultivation Cover seeds lightly with soil and keep moist until germination. Likes a part shade to full sun position with adequate water. Plants fill up pots quickly and perform best when planted out.

50+ seeds per packet

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