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Welcome to Herbalistics

We are currently closed for annual winter break. We plan to reopen: 18/08/2014. Thanks for your custom and support!

Medicinal, edible, ornamental and unusual plants, seeds and herbs from around the world

Herbalistics is an online nursery and seed supplier located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, specialising in sourcing and growing rare, unusual and hard to propagate plants, both native and exotic. Established in 2003.

As our interests change, you will find a continually changing product list. Often we stock products just once, others that we are researching for longer periods will be continuously available.

Australian native plants are only just being appreciated for their complex and unusual chemical and medicinal properties. As such, we hope to be able to provide a range of interesting Australian medicinal species in the future as our understanding of them increases.

Please read the Order Information in the left hand column before ordering, there's some important info there for customers. Ordering from this website means you have read and agree to our Conditions of Use.

Sorry our nursery is not open to the public but please feel free to ask about picking up your plant order locally.

All our plants are grown to organic standards.

WA Quarantine info: Sorry but we will NOT be covering any quarantine fees or charges that may be incurred in ordering seeds from our website into your state. Ordering is at customers risk.

Herbalistics can now accept international order payments through Bitcoin (BTC). You can email us for our BTC address after placing your order.

Adansonia gregorii - Boab (seed) Moringa oleifera - Drumstick Tree (seed) Acacia farnesiana - Prickly Moses (seed) Duboisia myoporoides - Corkwood (plant) Acacia phlebophylla - Mt Buffalo Wattle (plant) Silene undulata - Xhosa Dream Plant (seed) Tagetes filifolia - Hierbe de Anis (seed) Maca Powder (Lepidium meyenii) Bulbine bulbosa - Native Leek (seed) Acacia bakeri - Marblewood (plant) Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) Buzz Powder How to graft onto Pereskiopsis Capsicum chinense 'Trinidad Scorpian' (seed) Anadenanthera colubrina - Cebil (plant) Nicotiana gossei (seed) Leonurus sibiricus - Marihuanilla (seed) Sceletium emarcidum - Kougoed (seed) Myristica insipida - Native Nutmeg (plant) Autumn Plant Clearance Sale Trichocereus cuzcoensis - 150mm cutting Psychotria viridis 'Brazil' (plant) VOID Capsicum galapagoense (seed) Withania somnifera - Ashwaghanda (seed) Ocimum micranthum - Amazonian Mint (seed) Tribulus micrococcus - Spineless Caltrop (seed) Ipomoea violacea 'Heavenly Blue' (seed) Trichocereus 'Super Pedro' X T. scopulicola (seed) Gift Voucher - $100 Growing Cacti from Seed (Takeaway Tek) Gynostemma pentaphyllum - Jiaogulan (plant) Silybum marianum - Milk Thistle (seed) Desmodium gangeticum - Salparni (seed) Rhodiola rosea - Roseroot (seed) Ocimum basilicum - Mrihani Basil (seed) Alstonia constricta - Bitterbark (seed) Sesamum indicum - Sesame (seed) Yellow Horned Poppy (Research material) Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguayensis) Tribulus Powder (Tribulus terrestris) Trichocereus huascha - Red Torch Cactus (seed) Dang Shen Root (Codonopsis pilosula) Ipomoea costata - Desert Potato (seed) Gift Voucher - $50 Amelanchier laevis - Juneberry (seed) Trichocereus macrogonus (seed) Gibberellic Acid (GA3) Dioscorea rupicola - Elephant's Foot (seed) Dracocephalum moldavicum - Moldavian Mint (seed)

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